Sunday, 3 May 2009

02/05: Evans Cycles.

I need to fix up my bike. I haven't cycled on it for months because it's all grimed up and it needs a proper clean. So I went out to the nearest cycling shop. I'm not a fan of Evans Cycles. Actually, chain stores generally, but particularly Evans. It is populated by a million people in their late teens/early twenties, which isn't a reason to dislike them in itself, but none of them seem to have any pride in their work. Customer service is terrible, and you don't get a sense at all that any of them really know cycling inside out, which is probably fair enough because it's not like they've been working in a bike shop forever. But I can't find a good bike shop anywhere which isn't mainly catering for children and adults who want to commute half an hour to work. They have expensive bikes as well, but not the expertise that should accompany them. Bike tools and general maintenance equipment isn't very important in these shops, presumably because if you actually learned to look after your bike they'd lose a significant chunk of revenue. The thing is, the independent shops can't afford to concentrate on the high-end these days, so they have to fill their shop with cheap bikes for adults and kids bikes. It's a damn shame. If someone can recommend me a good independent bike shop, you will earn my eternal gratitude.

Later, I attended a lovely barbecue at a friend's house. Not too many people, just a nice quiet evening. My perfect night out really. Walked about 5 miles home through Richmond Park. To make the time pass quicker I listened to a podcast, but I'd heard it before so I wasn't really listening. What I was thinking about was how I don't think anymore. Which is obviously a ridiculous sentence, but what I mean by that is that whenever I'm alone and have time on my hands with nothing to do, I always stick headphones in my ears and listen to something. Before the iPod came along, I'd just think. Every now and then, I'd have an idea. I don't do that so much anymore. Maybe I should leave portable entertainment at home every once in a while.

Worst blog entry ever. I'm tired.


  1. Probably won't help much, since it is in Peckham, but I have a friend who works here:

  2. hmmm, you know what i like about that place - their website sucks. which is actually really reassuring. also they specialise in trek, my bike make. maybe i'll give it a whirl.

  3. I hope you got your bike sorted at Evans? If not I have found a good website you maybe interested in. They are independent too!